ERIN DALTON - Physiotherapist

Erin loves working with children and their families to find ways for them to participate fully and develop to their greatest potential. She prides herself on her family centred and strengths based approach.

Erin Dalton is a Physiotherapist with over 11 years experience, 9 of those working with children and their families.

Erin graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2006 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Hons.). Since then she has completed a great variety of professional development courses including Bobath and NDT (Neuro Developmental Therapy) short courses, and Monash University Paediatric Physiotherapy Modules.

Erin has experience working in a variety of settings including Early Childhood Intervention, mainstream and special education, and community based therapy in both Melbourne and London. She has worked with children with a wide range of delays and disabilities, and supported clients in goals such as motor skill development, participation in school activities, and the provision of specialised equipment such as walkers, standing frames, buggies and wheelchairs.

Erin Dalton with babyErin Dalton with young girl